26 Jan / 2015

ND1 Home Tournament – 11/01/15

The club’s first home tournament, National Division 1 and what a great day it was. Sheffield, our first opponents, resisted our early pressure until with little over five minutes gone we broke the deadlock. Three more quick goals followed in the next few minutes as we worked our way to the interval; 4-1 half time. The second half much the same with everything happening in the last 6 and a half minutes. Again, another 4-1 half with the final score 8-2 to Soham.
Goal scorers: Scott 2 Alex 1 Ben 1 James 4

Our second game, Project 2015, with all their players now making Carlos’ reduced squad and all in contention for the final team. The first half was pretty much one-way traffic with our first goal coming after only 20 seconds. 6-0 up at half time and with the game realistically over. Fair credit to the schoolboys who re-organised at half time and played much better in the second half, effectively beating us 3-2 in this period. Final score 8-3.
Goal scorers: Alex 3 Sam 1 James 2 Harry 1 Grant 1

Our third game was Ely, and on current form our nearest opposition. We expected a much more competitive game, however we saved our best for this one, quite simply slicing through their defence with ease. 8-0 up at half time, 12-3 on the final whistle having played our best hockey to date and our confidence riding high.
Goal scorers: Alex 3 Harry 1 Scott 3 Sam 1 Robbie 1 Ben 1 James 2

Our last game was England Ladies, a comfortable 17-1 victory, however goal of the game came with a brilliant passing move and a confident finish from Soham’s Kirsty Ingham playing for the England Ladies; I guess a win win situation for us.
Goal scorers: James 4 Grant 3 Sam 3 Alex 3 Scott 2 Robbie 1 Harry 1

A great day as we brought the curtain down on our first ever home tournament with our first ever Christmas party. Thanks to all the players, supporters and tournament/party organisers.